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Ok, so I want to talk about this scene here I noticed in episode 133 taking place in the Valley of The End. Sasuke uses his fire jutsu against Naruto, in turn, Naruto is very impressed by how powerful it was, “amazing”. It’s just that in the last photo, you can clearly tell that Naruto and his words still had an influence on Sasuke even though he was trying so hard to fight against it and it literally pulled at my heartstrings.

His whole demeanor and expression, his tone of voice it’s like Sasuke really didn’t want to do this. He doesn’t want to hurt Naruto, he doesn’t want to leave him, he didn’t like that Naruto had such an impact on his heart and being the hindrance to his goals. He tells Naruto to “shut up” but omg there was so much pain and regret behind those words. It’s like he’s basically saying “please get out of my heart, stop it!” Omg 

no i literally only saw naruto lookin up and seein sasukes crotch I read this scene so wrong

Omfg that was how I saw it as ^^^^

What is a saloon? What is a crew? What is a cowboy?
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howdy y’all the names is Sasuke Uchiha. I dislike a lotta’ thangs, and I sure dun like anything. What I have ain’t no dream ya hear, because you can betchur smart ass imma make it a reality. I’mma restore my clan ya see, and pop one at certain someone.

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Skulltrumpet remix song thing.

hope it was worth the wait


no fucking way

did someone just fucking turn skulltrumpet into electroswing??

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